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Are you poisoning your pet (and your family)?

Are you poisoning your pet (and your family)? 

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For most pet owners their pet is beloved family member.

But are you aware that you are accidentally poisoning your pet

with one spot treatment and outdoor fertilizers?


Read the following links and forward them to your family,

friends and neighbors to provide them information the Chemical

Pet Industry doesn't want you or them to know about.


Not only you are poisoning your pets but these toxic anti parasite

products have devastating effects on your children's health too.


Click here to watch the video from KNBC Joel Grover Investigation:



Don’t see the video: Click here instead:


How do YOU feel after watching this video?

How much do YOU care?

What are YOU going to do to help pets stop being intoxicated

over and over again?


Safer products are available - products that will effectively

protect pets from parasites, without negative consequences to their health.


Click here to learn more about 100 % toxic – free product for safe

and effective protection of your pet from fleas and ticks.








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