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Are You Ready To Change Your Life To A Healthier You?

   How long should you wait to make a change for the better by eliminating as many toxins being absorbed into your body & feeding it with all the missing nutrients? Everyone has their own time clock to tell them when it is time to get healthier. Some may wait until they have a severe health problem. Others will decide sooner. When is it the right time for you?


   All I can say is I am so glad to be in the wellness field since 1990 full time. It is quite a learning experience, but the best part is helping my own family live a very healthy life. I have done a lot of research over the years and it even took me 3 months of looking at different organic health companies to finally decide on Essante Organics. Not only were the products were the best I found, but the owner, compensation plan, timing etc…were all perfect!


   Whether you promote it or not, consider the real benefits of whole food nutrition, eliminating toxic laden products from the store, using USDA organic essential oils, and finally helping other close family members do the same. Don’t wait until you have major health issues then hope to overcome them! Think of your car…would you leave the same oil in it until the engine dies? No, you change oil on a regular basis.


   The real goal is to move away from store bought products that are loaded with chemicals, feed your body whole food nutrition, and allow your immune system to return to normal and function the way it should. Anyone who is over 50 can remember how much healthier we were in our young days. We had very nutritious food (not today), less chemicals in our home products, and our food was not processed so much. There are so many more health issues today and we do have a choice on how we handle it and look more for prevention.


   Here is how easy it is to get involved with Essante Organics as a customer. Click JOIN on their main site, sign up as a wholesale customer for a ONE TIME FEE of $29.95 US(no renewals), order what you want when you want(no auto ship required). If you want to build it as a home based business I highly recommend ordering one of the packages listed there, mainly #510 or #927 for health. You can view the other packages there too. It is hard to put a price tag on your health.


Tom Sparrow-CEO

Health Innovations


Skype: tom.sparrow53

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