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Do you want to be a Co-Founder?

Imagine being a CO-FOUNDER of

a new company that is built on
the next great payment network - BITCOIN!


This is your opportunity to secure your position as a CO-FOUNDER!

Imagine being a co-founder for Herbalife, Nu-skin, Amway etc. would
that be impressive? Would that help build up your credibility, you bet!

The highlights for a CO-FOUNDER:

100% commissions!
Instant payments with 1 hour!
Virtual products!
Pass-Up Compensation plan!
Unlimited depth, No cap!
True Global Opportunity!
Entitled to use the name “Co-Founder Bitcoin-Economy“ !
A seat in the Co-Founders Council!
Front row seats at conventions!
Easy access to the management to express idea’s!
$40 discount!

This is the link how you upgrade:

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