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Copy of my personal FB communication with a prospect...

I was recently having a conversation with new Facebook contact.. After few messages exchanged, he revealed me that he is struggling with his current business.. Here's a copy of our last conversation:


J:  Please tell me more about your business. I would like to add multiple streams of income. I have been representing a health mlm for awhile.

Me: Hmm another health and wellness.. Now I do believe health products from MLM companies are great, but there's too much of them.. everyone wants to conquer weight loss and wellness market.. Too much competition.

That's why I have chosen Pet Protector. There isn't any other global MLM or Network Marketing company in the world covering pet market except our company. Unbelievable...
That market has over 100 billion dollars global annual turnover.. Look only USA:

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

Year   Billion

2012 $52.87 Estimate

2011 $50.96 Actual

Next to this exclusivity, it's known that we - pet owners take our pets as family members (another child), and we are ready to spend a lot , especially when it comes to their health and protection. That's why our product made a revolution in the pet market as the only scientifically proven, non-toxic, anti-parasite patent. It keeps pets and other animals protected from all external parasites (ticks, fleas) for 2 years! (other products , you have to buy every few months and even more often). Pet protector disc costs only 49.90 $ which is 5-6 times less then what pet owners spend in a 2 year period.

Important part is that all the other anti-parasite products are made of extremely toxic insecticides which cause allergies, loss of fur and serious liver damages in pets. There are thousands of cases when pets died from anti-parasite products poisoning.

So not only that we have a great product, which is an absolute necessity for millions of pet owners around the world, with no competition, very easy to sell and make serious profit, we have a very important mission - saving millions of pets from being poisoned by chemical industry.
I can tell you a lot more about the product, but these are the most important facts for now.

Now, about the opportunity:

  • 15 days free trial, 3 types of joining statuses, all the statuses get the product for what they pay to enter (and even more than what they pay - no risk).
  • 5 types of profit in the unlimited binary
  • bonus titles and rewards
  • complete online affiliate system, equipped with personal web office, educational and marketing material
  • international delivery (the company sends the product to your buyers and members anywhere in the world)
  • easy strategy to start earning and keep the profits rise (how to generate $20,000 a month within 3 months), and many more things...

Now J, you'll probably agree with me, regardless if some companies have an outstanding compensation plan, it's useless if the product is not easy to sell.. Especially in health and wellness (that's why I don't do it any more), where you have individual results with every consumer. There are so many people who always complain that that product didn't work for them and share the negative story.. In my case, this pet product can not work in any different way on different animals. Mammals are mammals, everywhere in the world, ticks and fleas are parasites everywhere !

So, with such an amazing product, out of the competition, huge inexhaustible market and extremely profitable comp. plan, I am absolutely sure that this is the most attractive business opportunity today. It surely brought me more profit within months then all my previous opportunities in 6 years.

If you'd like to see more about the product and the business, you can visit here

If you need some more info, I am at your disposal. I would surely like to connect with you via skype if you decide to join.


Milena Milivojevic
Pet Protector Senior Manager

skype: milena.milivojevic

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