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Hi Guys.

I came across this DETOX program the other day because my goal is to lose about 30kg and to get off my horrible medication.

I was reading this brochure that says "do you want to have the body you have always dreamed of? YOU CAN in just 23 days" so at first i thought yeah right, whatever i have heard that before, but i got invited to an information day, so i thought, what the hell, ill go and have a look, i have nothing to lose.

I was blown away! I met a lot of people who have lost some good amounts of weight in a short period of time. But there was one guy who just blew me away. He lost 40kg in 40 days. So straight away i thought i need this, i must do it!

So now i am looking for some friends who would like to go on this program with me where we can support each other and achieve our goals together. Please have a look at the website. You have nothing to lose but lots of weight and gain better health

After you've looked at the website, i have no dout that you will want to get into contact with me for some more information, so feel free at any time. 

Also feel free to add me on skype shaneedwards71
or send me an email

Cheers, and looking forward to hearing from use.

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