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Hi Everyone.

Guess What?! I just got some great news.

Today when I was on my way out to get some lunch, I received a big envelop from SendOutCards, which is one of the businesses I am in. I didn't think much of it because I haven't done much with this business, so I chucked it on the couch and continued on my way to get some lunch. I joked with my son and said "maybe I have sponsored someone, or got some customers and made some money and I just don't know it yet"

So after we got our lunch, we had Vietnamese Rolls which were fantastic, I came home and opened my big letter. Funnily enough it read "Congratulations on achieving the rank of Senior Distributor".

I was shocked! I haven't done much with SendOutCards, other then post a few ads here and there. So curiously I went in to my back office to see what all the fuss was about, and to my surprise i had made some money! It wasn't a lot but its a start. I don't know where the money came from because i'm still learning about the business, which goes to show how easy it is to make money in it.

If all I have done is post a few ads, i cant wait to see the money i can make when i really begin to focus on it.

When i was there i also noticed that Santa has made a new video for us, as Christmas is just around the corner. I think you should check it out for your self.

You can send out all you Christmas Cards with out the fuss of going to shops, writing them all out and posting them all off. And for as little as $9.90 per month, why wouldn't you give it a go?

And if your not satisfied you can cancel at anytime. So check it out at my website

Take care everyone, and i'm looking forward to making more money. lol


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