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Great to have a portable business AND that makes me fit!

At the moment I'm sitting in a public library in Singleton NSW. That's the great thing about an online business - it's so portable. Even when you're away from with no internet access you can still take your business with you! Now I just need to know how to actually make this business profitable!
I went to my daughter's 'hens day' yesterday and she had booked pole dancing lessons!  Well even at my age, I had a go and surprised myself, the trainer and my daughters and the other far younger girls there.  I could actually DO some of it and had fun. The trainer remarked how strong and flexible I am. All I can say is my 7Minute Exercise program is working wonders for me. I highly recommend this to everyone. Check it out here
I've also lost 5kg over the past few weeks doing this program.

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