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Have you heard about Project titan yet?

The project that has been called Project Titan is doing a mini launch on Saturday 1:00pm - 6:00pm EST.

This session is just going to provide value.

To attend this session go to and sign up.

We are expecting 6 amazing speakers.  We do not know who yet but names that have been thrown around are Ray Higdon, Brian Tracey and Even Tony Robbins.  We have no idea who will actually be there we only know that it will be people that are multi million earners in the coaching and mentoring industries.

This session is expected to give heaps of value not hype.

Already as a founding member I have gained so much.

I have access to a system called Kalatu cloud which contains a customer management system, an autoresponder, analytics, video marketing module, capture page and webform creator, Calendar and so much more all in one place.  No more having an autoresponder here and a customer management system there.  Think of a tool like infusion soft but one that can be set up and worked on by anybody.

The other thing I have had access to so far is training by William Wood, one of the top coaches in the world. The training he gives is invaluable, and is available to all who attend the minilaunch as he will be one of the speakers.

To check out more about William Wood you can go here

This is a time dependent opportunity.  It is all happening on Saturday EST US time, 5am to 10am New Zealand Time on Sunday and 3am to 8am Sunday Sydney time.

You can also check out to find out more about Titan.

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