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Web 3.0 Has Arrived. Mobile Phone Apps Usage will outpace PC internet Usage in the next 2/3 years all,s predicted.   Billions will have then a mobile phone.  Some do have it already, but  have not even  electricity connected to there home,s to recharge there own mobile phone.s there!   We had Apps site programs for a good  while !  From early years back at web 1.0 and web 2.0 . One for Tools, and one for Game,s.   Now this new  App!  Web 3.0 Has  been programed  special to communicate our business promotions. From  your Smart phone App site. It can be  up and running in minutes!   With Free unlimited text messaging to all your members, customers, subscribers,and yes even your friends!      There are 5 way,s at:  The I C A Network site, you can join  all,s a  Affiliate member, Your personal App site only, be a In-depended-rep- IR, or a Supervisor rep- SIR.  With your 2 exclusive personal zip code,s.    Or go for the full business package all services included. It is all there for each one,s personally,s need, to communicate with our new App program !              Look Us over from !                        Review our 12 min DVD.  And to see the benefit, to boost your communication.  Just like the old Yellow pages... every business needs to have a Custom Phone App !  a Free gift to All      From a Co-owner-Partner Cornelis In Queensland Australia.

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Comment by Cornelis van on May 11, 2012 at 16:15

 Look at out 30 day free offer to have your personal App site, and a free QR code, to boost your business! look us over soon !

Comment by Cornelis van on May 5, 2012 at 12:18

 Have a fiver spare? Invest it at ! And see your progress soon.

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