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Have you ever put these two concepts into the same basket? I know that I have in the past and how easily it can happen. The benefit of properly separating the two and having well defined intentions and goals is invaluable and puts us onto the path of self enrichment and happiness.

Goals are a well known concept but simply writing them down and looking at them from time to time is no where near as powerful as having a consultation with your future self. Asking your Omnipotent future you whether they think you can reach your goals and if it will be worth it has a powerful resonance and helps to fuel your intention of reaching those goals. Counting your wins, no matter how small, as proof your intention is working is also helpful in staying positive. This helps you stay focused on your goals with healthy intent backed by persistent and consistent action. Act as though it were impossible to fail.BFE.

The trick here is to understand that intention is of the now, where as your Goals are envisioning the future and future self. Goals, which are part of the illusionary world can sway you towards your inner voice of temptation, especially if you are fixated on outcome only.

Understanding and being in touch with your intentions is what gives you the ability to proactively move towards you goals  while giving you the integrity and unity of purpose with a good dose of morality thrown in. “You set your intentions based on understanding what matters to you most and make a commitment to align your worldly actions with your inner values.”Phillip Moffitt, Yoga Journal.

 Practicing your intentions in the now backed by the right resolve so that you can become your future self. The choices you make about your daily intentions should be ones that help to eliminate or at least smooth over the ups and downs associated with becoming fixated on the outcome only. I believe that a moral grounding in integrity, honesty, gratitude and love for others is essential for contentment in your everyday intentions. But of course…

 “In choosing to live with right intention, you are not giving up your desire for achievement or a better life, or binding yourself to being morally perfect. But you are committing to living each moment with the intention of not causing harm with your actions and words, and not violating others through your livelihood or sexuality.” Phillip Moffitt, Yoga Journal.

Being the tennis season at the moment I was reminded of a past match where Serena Williams actually threatened the umpire with her life! There was no mistaking the malevolence in which she delivered her threat and it was so nasty that it far outdid anything John McEnroe ever did. She was fined $50,000, denied the win and banned from the event. What everyone witnessed that day was a perfect example of how quickly you can fall when you are obsessed with the outcome (goal) and you have dropped the ball on your everyday moral intentions and behaviors. The negative inner beast was unleashed with the intent to kill for her goal of winning when it could have been a lovely game in the sunshine with a respectful crowd and getting paid even if she lost! The glass was half empty!

The game of life requires you to have your game head in place so take the time and make the effort in finding the equilibrium and balance needed to be calm and centered. Just saying that you have good intentions is not enough, you have to live by them every day which strengthens your ability and resolve to reach your goals.

BFE is essential for me to know myself for myself which enables me to take on concepts that seemed abstract and unobtainable before. To be able to answer your own inner mysteries is such a valuable experience and although sometimes uncomfortable or even painful the road traveled is well worth the investment in oneself.

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