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Please join me tonight! 8:30 Sydney time

Please join me tonight at the Auruma webinar, 8:30PM Sydney time.
I have copied the email below with the link. Please come and share the excitement.  If you are as excited about this as I am and want to know how to get in, send me an email at

Auruma Webinar
The next webinar will be:

Thursday 7th February 2013 8-30PM (Aust EST Sydney Time)

To log into the webinars, you will be required to provide 'a' name which will be seen by others attending the webinar. You can provide your real name, or an alias and non-members please type 'guest' after your name.
The webinar link is at the bottom of this page. Click on this link to enter the webinar.
Please ensure you are using headphones to minimize audio feedback.
Anyone, anywhere in the world is invited to join.

Kind regards,


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