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Send Cards the Easy Way! Act Now! Christmas is just around the corner. Surprise a loved one.

Ever thought it takes to much effort to send a card to someone? With all the hassles of choosing one, writing in it, stamping it, and then sending it off?

Well now there is an easier way!

SendOutCards makes sending a card to loved ones, business acquaintances or anyone quick, easy and simple. Not to mention cheap as well! For under $1.60 you can send a good quality and glossy cards!

With SendOutCards sending a card is as easy as 1,2,3.
Simply choose a style, this can be pre-made or even make your own by adding your own pictures.
Write  the text and choose a font. It can even be your own handwriting style.
And Finally hit the send button. Its that simple!

Send out cards will do the rest!

Want to get even more creative? You can also send video cards and add gifts to be sent with your cards.

Amazed yet? It gets better. You can do all this for as little as $9.90 a month which will give you points to send out your cards. And the good thing is you don't loose these points if you don't use them, they just roll over into your next month.

And even better still i can show you how to make money by sending out cards. Now you definitely cant get this service from buying cards in shops!

Take a look at
or message me if you have any questions, or also feel free to call me on 0466 661 228

Happy Marketing,
Shane Edwards

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