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Hi Everyone.

I am new here on Australian Business Contacts and am just trying to get myself out there. So here is a little bit about who I am and what I do.

Well my name is Shane and I live in Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne with my son which is awesome.

I have always had a passion to help people and have always believed in having goals and working hard to achieve them.

In recent times I have worked helping youth with development of living skills and also worked with youths with Disabilities and helping them to develop skills for self empowerment. I am proud to say I went to a special school. My reading and writing is not very good and it always takes me a long time to learn things.

But I have never let this stop me achieving things. For Example, I am proud of myself that I have a diploma in youth work and have been able to do this work that I enjoy so much. It was not easy to get this but I stuck at it.

My passion now is building a successful Network Marketing business. I have a passion for this for several reasons. The primary reason being that I am able to help people ease financial burdens in their lives. As we begin to earn extra incomes together, I see positive changes happen in their lives. That I enjoy.

It has taken me a while to begin building my business, but because I have not quit, and I'm hanging in there, I know I am going to be successful, and I will achieve this just like I did with my Diploma.

So please feel free to make friends with me and lets get to know each other. All the best with all your adventures and i am looking forward to making lots of friends and learning more about networking.

Keep track of my posts, and I will soon be posting more about what I do, and the companies I am involved in.

Shane Edwards

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