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facts on Tri-Phasic Effectiveness

Phase I (Short term)- Get to sleep relatively quick obtaining a faster and deeper sleep, increased REM sleep, and reset the body clock.

Phase II (Mid term)- Release critical brain neurotransmitters burned out by modern day stressors, increasing calm feelings of well being.

Phase III (Long term)- Sleep for longer periods,awakened less often by feelings of anxiety, stress and awake feeling refreshed.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of chronic sleep disorder. And while a poor night’s sleep never killed anyone, you should know that a few months of tossing and turning could. In a recent study published in Men’s Health, insomnia and chronic sleep deprivation were linked to significant increases in the risks of contracting a host of health related problems and issues. click on this link if you want IDlife sleep strips to help you get a better or a good nights sleep.

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