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Refurbishment of Concrete Swimming Pools using Drizoro Maxjoint Elastic & Maxseal Flex

Waterproofing Repair/Resurfacing/Refurbishment/Decorative Surfaces – Concrete Swimming Pools Repair.
Waterproofing Repair/Resurfacing/Refurbishment/Decorative Surfaces –
Concrete Swimming Pools Repair.
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Waterproofing concrete swimming pools repair – where water penetrates the pool shell or the finished coating such as Tiles, Marblesheen, pebblecrete or other decorative surfaces, where due, to variations in finished pool surface quality or poor pool management the development of water penetrations in the finish over time can occur eg. faulty mortar lines in a tiled pool.

Presence of ground water from behind the coating from outside the pool shell may cause further delamination of pool finish. This is why any waterproofing and repair material used in a swimming pool shell must be able to withstand the pressure from the swimming pool itself and also the presence of ground water or hydrostatic pressure.
NOTE: Repair products and coatings must also chemically resistant to the pools chemicals.

Full Inspection of the pool before carrying out an repair of the concrete pool surface is critical. Due to raw material variations, less than satisfactory application techniques, marblesheen additives, faulty mortar lines, poor quality tiles, and surface deterioration. Inspect the surface carefully for soundness. Where the surface is crumbly, soft, or drummy in any area, it is suspect and must be removed and repaired using Drizoro Maxrest where no water is coming through or Drizoro Maxplug if ground water is present.
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